• A. Ben Abdessalem, Paris, France
    3h mini-course : Geometry and PDEs Abstract Abstract
  • A. Shirikyan, Cergy Pontoise, France
    3h mini-course: Control and stabilisation for viscous conservation laws Abstract Abstract
  • Ph. Souplet, Paris Nord, France.
    3h mini-course: Diffusive Hamilton-Jacobi equations and their singularities Abstract Abstract

Invited talks

  • A. Benaissa, Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria
    Title: On the stability of some degenerate evolution problems of hyperbolic type Abstract Abstract
  • A. Duca, Nancy, France
    Title: Bilinear controls for non-linear Schrödinger equations Abstract Abstract
  • T. Duyckaerts, Paris, France
    Title: Dynamics of nonlinear wave equations Abstract Abstract
  • R. Dziri, University Tunis el Manar, Tunisia
    Title: Shape derivative for Navier-Stokes flow with Navier boundary condition Abstract Abstract
  • T.-E. Ghoul, Abu Dhabi, Emirates
    Title: Stable self-similar magnetic reconnection. Abstract Abstract
  • R. Hadiji, Créteil, France
    Title: Review of some problems related to Ginzburg-Landau energy Abstract Abstract
  • T. Hmidi, Abu Dhabi, Emirates
    Title: On time quasi-periodic solutions for singular models in geophysical flows Abstract Abstract
  • S. Ibrahim, Victoria, Canada
    Title: The Relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell system in the context of plasmas of fusion Abstract Abstract
  • N. Nouaili, Paris, France
    Title: Singularities in the complex Ginzburg Landau equation Abstract Abstract
  • A. Rhandi, Salerno, Italy
    Title: Approximate controllability of networks systems Abstract Abstract

Short talks

  • Y. Abdelbadie, Tlemcen, Algeria
    Title: On a fractional KPZ type equation including nonlocal gradient terms: the stationary case. Abstract Abstract
  • M. Antabli, University Tunis el Manar
    Title: Homoclinic solutions in R^2 for singular hamiltonian systems with weak force potentials Abstract Abstract
  • S. Benmansour, Higher School of Management -Tlemcen, Algeria
    Title: Multiplicity result for nonlocal elliptic problem involving critical growth Abstract Abstract
  • W. Boughamda, University of Carthage, Tunisia
    Title: Stability of strings with variable coefficients under joint damping Abstract Abstract
  • H. Boughazi, High School of Management of Tlemcen, Algeria
    Title: Nodal Solutions for a Paneitz-Branzon type equation Abstract Abstract
  • H. Bouzidi University of Monastir, Tunisia
    Title: Exact boundary controllability of the linear biharmonic Schrödinger equation with variable coefficients Abstract Abstract
  • A. Chaabani, University Tunis el Manar, Tunisia
    Title: New regularity criterion for 3D Navier Stokes equations Abstract Abstract
  • A. Dieb, Tieret, Algeria
    Title: Uniqueness and nondegeneracy for Dirichlet fractional problems in bounded domains via asymptotic methods Abstract Abstract
  • K. Ghabi, University Tunis el Manar, Tunisia
    Title: Classification des solutions d'indices de Morse finis des problèmes avec condition de Robin sur le bord Abstract Abstract
  • R. Ghanmi, University of Jendouba, Tunisia
    Title: Inhomogeneous coupled non-linear Schrödinger systems Abstract Abstract
  • A. Hannachi, University of Batna 2
    Title: On the Global Well-Posedness of the Axisymmetric Viscous Boussinesq System in Critical Lebesque spaces Abstract Abstract
  • N. Irzi, University Abderrahmane Mira, Bejaia, Algeria
    Title: Existence of three weak solutions for fourth-order Leray-Lions problem with indefinite weights Abstract Abstract
  • A. Matallah, Higher School of Management -Tlemcen, Algeria
    Title: Existence of solutions for a Kirchhoff type problem with critical exponent Abstract Abstract
  • N. Souayeh, University of Gafsa, Tunisia
    Title: Indirect stability of coupled wave equations with local Kelvin-Voigt damping. Abstract Abstract
  • M. Zerguine, University of Betna 2, Algeria
    Title: Rigidity aspects of singular patches in stratified flows Abstract Abstract